IN 2010, a small little radio show grew from just from interviewing some students on  the local TCNJ Campus.  The students were asked to do a simple podcast for a 1/2 hour on some hot bedded issues that they face.  They thought they were actually coming to the studio-and little did they know that they software was actually inside my computer.  The students did the half hour show and understood how easy it was -then they said it is a necessary for those on campus.   The state teaparty leader got wind of this (Mark Falzon) and said- this is a must.   With this backing, the show grew steadily from a mere two listeners on the first day to over 80,000.  The central theme of the show revolves around the idea of a smaller government, free market, and the Constitution.  The episodes as well as people on them are well loved and played all over.   Folks all over the world can call in as well and be a star!  With over 288 episodes the show has become an inspiration for us.

View A Sample Here:  

  • Totalitarian Thought
    Totalitarian Thought
    Totalitarianism is a term used by some political scientists to describe a political system in which the state holds total authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of public and private life wherever possible. Read More Here:   
  • Immigration reform
    Immigration reform
    Under a Trump Presidency, how will our Immigration System be revamped. Learn More:
  • What's Life Like Under A Trump Presidency?
    What's Life Like Under A Trump Presidency?
    Will you have a job? Will Obamacare be repealed? Learn more:

Our show has interviewed activists, politicians, educators, you name it from ALL OVER THE WORLD.   We are currently in our fifth season.

Listen live  Tuesday nights 9pm to 10pm by clicking HERE:  



We will soon be accepting applications to advertise on our network.  Our programing currently runs from 1:30 to 2:00pm every Wednesday on channel 21 in NJ.  It is also available on this website for a period of time and on youtube in which it becomes under the fair copyright laws.  Hence, It airs on cablevision first for three weeks, and on this website.  First on the main page for two months, on the tv page for two months and then in the archives for two months and then onto youtube.

Contracts are awarded to those who qualify and pricing is done on the number of caricaturs in your ad and the amount of times you wish it to appear on our cablenetwork.

Contracts are done on a bi-annual basis.

.  If you are interested in advertising on our network, you may inquire within by emailing us @studentsforabetterfuture@outlook.com.

If anyone is interested in being a guest on our sow you may also email us at studentsforabetterfuture@outlook.com

If you or your group is interested in volunteering also email us at studentsforabetterfuture@outlook.com

The fastest growing educational activist organization in the entire universe! 

To get a taste of our programming, you can click one of the the links below.

Professor Grover Furr Of Montclair State University denies the Holocaust.

   To find out more about our tv  Click here


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