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Liberty Action Network TV

The Liberty Action Network TV is the Television Broadcasting Network of Students For A Better Future.com. It airs on channel 21 in NJ from 1:30 2:00 every Wednesday to 7 million viewers in NJ

The team films live out of Randolph, NJ and livestreams to YouTube here:  http://www.youtube.com/user/Libertyactionnetwork On Google + it is here:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/dashboard

The TV station was formed in November of 2012 with cooperation of local citizens and the cable network. The central core theme revolves around educating college students about the Constitution as well as educating the population about what occurs on campuses.  It is the first TV Station  (non-profit ) to partner with YouTube and livestream directly with them using a broadcaster.  It is also one of the very first political reality TV shows.    The network has the capability of broadcasting 24-7.

To date, Liberty Action Network TV syndicates two of its’ own shows in production; “The Lunch Pail and the Professor” with Dr. Al Frech and the Lunch Pail; and “Women of Another View”, a “parody” show of “The View.”

Here is a small sampling of the scope of Liberty Action Network TV subject matter:



There are several other shows  and documentaries in the works
Watch the most recent show here:

LANTV NETWORK is accepting applications to advertise on the network.

Here is a glimpse of our advertising rates:



  • LANTV Network charges 7 cents per caricature. Caricatures include spaces hyphens letters number symbol (etc).
  • Advertisers are charged monthly per one show type. Hence, if the month of Septembers show is “The First Amendment, the show airs four times in the month.  The new month roles around and advertisers can choose to continue  -pay the caricature fee for the new month or cancel.


  • Example ; Advertiser is Studentsforabetterfuture. The advertisement is   “This Show is sponsored by studentsofrabetterfuture.com”  The advertisement has caricatures. 51 X .07 is $3.57.
  • If the ad is run 3 times during one show, the monthly fee is $3.57 x 3= $10.71


  • The max is four times on one show.


To inquire further please email Doreen @studentsforabetterfuture@outlook.com


If you want to be issued a contract, click here:




Calender of Events click here:



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