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  • Josiah Walls
    Josiah Walls
    African American hero
  • Hiram Revel
    Hiram Revel
    African American hero
  • Joseph Rainey
    Joseph Rainey
    African American Hero

Who is Josiah Walls?  Hiram Rhodes Revels?  Or Joseph Rainey?

Don’t know, neither did we.  I am an Elementary School teacher and I had to learn myself.    By using a variety of sources -un other than text-books, I found out who these historical figures were.-and what happened to their legacy throughout history.


  • To show how racism has existed in the Democratic Party
  • To show how history was rewritten to avoid truth where it may lie
  • To Eradicate Racism as a whole
  • To teach that all colors, nationality, religions and what not are accepted.




Listen to Radio show on 11/29/16 9pm Eastern time -have students call in and ask a question 6469158117.  Click HERE TO LISTEN.

Hosts: Doreen Finkle, Reuben Torres, Luther mays   Guets Barbara From Harlem

  • Have students google the names Josiah Walls, Hiram Rhodes Revels, and Joseph Rainey
  • Have them write a biography on each and and speak on them
  • Write a short essay on how the KKK got started – minimum of 500 words, how and why the were members of the Democratic Party
  • Write a narrative on how the Blacks have switched from republican to Democrat (include time period and why)
  • Complete a book report on the 1964 Civil Rights Act, (include, who singed it, what political Party, and the roll of Lyndon B. Johnson. Include what was meant when Johnson said ” I will have those niggers voting for Democrats for years.
    • The Armenian Genocide
      The Armenian Genocide
      This is a 3 part documentary done in conjunction with Kean University Holocaust Center and featuring keynote Speaker Virginia Apelian; author of Musa Dagh Girl. This daughter of Armenian Genocide survivors relates details of the deportations, concentration camps and massacres of the Turkish empire's Armenian citizens in 1915.



  • Have students interview a local congressman on the 1964 Civil Rights Legislation Act.
  • Write a short essay on why Black History has been re- written in the curriculum.
  • Write a short skit Entitled ” Life and Times Under Harriet Tubman.”
  • Make a flyer entitled “True American Black History ” and distribute it to friends, family and co workers.




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