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We Are Not American Citizens Obama?


Seems that according to Obama, we are global citizens, not Americans, and that is the crux of the problem of the progressive marxist left and in America which is running our nation into the ground.

Yes, we have a globally connected economy etc.., but if you are not going to identity strongly with the nation of your birth and the nation you choose to immigrate to, then you have to core identity and as they say if don’t believe in something strongly, you’ll fall for anything.   Sadly, that is what has been happening as our national identity has gotten chipped away at, and more race baiting, division has occurred, more of a global identity, which means no identity has been perpetuated, which is very said.  When you don’t provide generations with national pride, with strong attachment to their homeland, roots, great appreciation for it, the positive of it etc…, you have created a generation or more of wanderers and nothings with no anchor, no compass, no clear identity, no loyalties to anything but what the whim of the moment is, and that is not what the founding fathers intended.  This is why we have a Constitution, Bill of Rights, Federalist Republic.  When our current POTUS constantly apologizes for America, throws us under the bus, disparages us on the world stage and then says we are not above all Americans, but global citizens, he undermines the very foundations of our nation.

It is time to take back our nation, our pride, our patriotism all of that and let our politicians know that we do not accept race baiting, and that we are above all Americans and those who wish to be part of this nation should have that same attitude including those who govern.


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