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Pornography and how it affects relationships

Pornography and How it Effects Relationships

by Vito Di Camillo

Part One

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On the subject of pornography and its effect on relationships, it seems that when someone engages in pornography, they will try to make that their version of what love is, instead of trying to understand what love really is.  It’s absolutely amazing how someone could look at pornography, which is actually only self-gratification, and try to make it become what love is about.  Doesn’t it make more sense to try to find out what love really is, and what it could mean to the person receiving it, instead of just trying to live out the fantasy of pornography?

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Pornography represents lustful desire, and a totally false image of what a real relationship is, and can be, because it relies solely on self-satisfaction and self-gratification.  Pornography make fantasy seem like reality.  Real, true love is not physicality alone, but love is from the inside out whereas pornography is from the outside in.  Pornography never really touches the heart of a person, but only attempts to satisfy lustful desire.  If you depend solely on human corporeal desire alone to make a relationship work, it doesn’t have a true foundation to build on, making the relationship worthless and not worth trying to hold on to.


Sex is actually only a very small part of what makes a real, deep, genuine loving relationship what it is or can become. Pornography fantasizes what real love should be, because it takes all the meaning and purpose out of the deepest expression of genuine love and passion.  It makes it merely just another way to get temporary satisfaction.  It does not take into consideration that there could actually be genuine love and feelings for the other person if they actually get to know them on a deeper level.  One could find out that they really do love another person for what they are inside-and-out and they don’t just want a moment of temporary pleasure alone with them!

RingsThe deepest part of love is usually expressed sexually after the genuine aspect of love is shown first through commitment to one another through marriage.  This happens couplepreferably when you truly love each other deeply and dearly from the inside out.  There should be no more need for pornography to enter the picture at any time, because, as stated earlier, pornography fantasizes and makes unreal, what true, genuine, deep love makes real.


Pornography creates very unrealistic expectations of what sexual fulfillment should be.  Because it’s a very unreal way of trying to be carnally satisfied, it becomes a very poor substitute for genuine satisfaction through relationship sex.  If you can understand that you will never really be totally satisfied through the make-believe that pornography presents, then you can know what genuine, real, pure love is.  Pornography ruins what could be a fantastic relationship because it makes a fiction of what a real expression of love is.

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If you are constantly looking for sexual fulfillment through the imagery and illusion of pornography, perhaps meaning the degradation of your partner, as well as yourself, try to distinguish the difference between genuine love and mere fantasy.  Real love makes a relationship what it is truly meant to be, and actually has a solid foundation.  Pornography creates incredible expectations, degrades the individuals involved, and makes a mirage out of what is meant to be deep, genuine, and very real.


Pornography kills relationships, and the people involved, while genuine love builds up

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and gives self-esteem to the people who want to make things right.



CanIf you really want to build character, as well as have satisfaction with your mate as well as yourself, stay away from pornography or you will have no relationship with anyone that will ever mean anything.

Love can bulid a bridge

Remember, pornography is fantasy, love is real.

Love builds

Pornography tears down relationships, love builds them up.

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