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Raping The Constitution

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Nine appointed employees that derive their paycheck from the money known as –taxation– have decided that they are greater than their employers– We, the People.  This group of people are violating the very document that they are being paid to uphold– our beloved Constitution. They have taken it upon themselves to declare what is law—and their job description is to judge whether a piece of legislation has been violated.  This in effect reveals that they have stolen the power of the legislative branch of our chain-of-command.

If We, the People allow them to steal the power/authority of the legislative branch, then We, the People are failing our choice of governing guidance (our Constitution ) by allowing SCOTUS to perceive what the Constitution says according to their personal opinion.  When SCOTUS overrules what over six thousand years of belief in what establishes a marriage contract  is, they have declared themselves to have more authority than God.

All you Christian-ese and church going people know that Satan chose to claim more authority than God, and for that he was thrown out of heaven.  Therefore, if we believers in Christ allow SCOTUS to claim to have more authority than God, are we not then in reality—supporting Satan?  Marriage was given to mankind to establish an honorable way to glorify God, by way of the ability He gave us to reproduce.  Two men don’t have that capability, nor do two women have that capability.  To continue in apostasy by declaring that two people of the same sex have the ability to glorify God in marriage when they can’t normally reproduce is to call God a liar.

Is THAT what you want to stand before God and claim as your way of worshipping Him?



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