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Socialism—the Deceit by Donald Davidson

lies or usManyDon Davidson conservatives and some others keep harping about keeping America out of the –Socialistic realm of government. Undoubtedly they don’t understand that Socialism is defined by the standard of:

Income Redistribution——–This has been our standard since the

congress of 1913 brought in The Federal Reserve and activation of the Income Tax form of enslavement.

You put a frog into a pot of –cold water–then turn the heat on till

it slowly comes to a boil and the frog will never realize what has happened to it.

The same thing happens with incremental taxation. one small bite out of your paycheck doesnt seem to hurt, so you do nothing. then

you believe they have a right to take your money for the greater good of society. A little more and it is still not too hurtful. Then you die and your children think that the (representative) government has the right to increase the amount they take according to their wants. By the time their children get to the age of choosing a career,

through the NEA ( National Education Association) (ABOMINATION), the public school system has programmed them into believing that government is their God.

In 1913 our amount of income tax was 2%. Now just the actual –federal–income tax is above 25%. Additional state and local taxes bring taxation above 50%. Has the water started getting hot enough that you realize that you are getting ready to be boiled? Don’t you

think that you are at least smarter than a frog? Get out of the pot of water and regain your FREEDOM!!!!!!!

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