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1000 Ways Your Privacy Is Being Invaded

Way number 999 POLICE STATE



There has been so much that has been said about all the people who drive while distracted.  In many states, there is a heavy fine for this, and when the quota is up, police come out and look for those who drive while distracted.  This is all nice and dandy.   BUT WHO CHECKS ON THE POLICE WHEN THEY DO THE SAME? 

THE OTHER DAY, I NOTICED A POLICE MAN DRIVING WITH HIS LAP TOP WIDE OPEN IN FRONT OF HIM.  Is this not driving while distracted? What is he searching on there?  Is he really looking up your license plate?  Even if he does, he can google your name, find your address and pay you a visit.  Shouldn’t it be that if you can’t drive while distracted then neither should he?

Staff Writer Doreen Finkle

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