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Judicial Tyranny-Spinning the Wheels of Justice

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Judicial Tyranny

Spinning the Wheels of Justice

My last lecture concerning Abortion I briefly demonstrated that the Supreme Court over stepped their authority and ruled absent “subject-matter jurisdiction” regarding “Roe v. Wade”, blatantly failing to rule based upon constitution.

Young students, as my father would say; unable to pee straight come under the tutelage of progressive/Marxists law professors that have a distain, and hatred for conservatism graduate “law students” that are totally ignorant of the constitution, and the limitations it places on government, not those governed.

Yet, their expected to uphold the law based on the constitution they know so little of. Free speech and open exchange of ideas in our Universities is free for all except those with conservative or true constitutional point of view.

Today’s Courts and not just the Supreme Court have a propensity to rule on what is “politically correct” based upon “empathy” rather than Constitutional or statutory law.

A majority of the population are under the impression that the judiciary is our third branch of government when in truth there are only two branches the Legislative and the Executive. The function of the judiciary is to see that the Constitution is upheld. Thereafter, be arbiter when a question arises on the Constitutionality of a decision or legislation action. It begins and ends there!

The need for Judicial Reform

To expect fairness and equality all American must be treated equally. Instead many unelected judges have elevated themselves to a law making body relegating the U.S. Constitution to the dustbins of history.

Throughout many of my lectures I refer to the Communist Party’s strategy to transform the United States into a Communist State. For example; Goal 16: “Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.”

What we have witnessed over the years is the Supreme Court upholding or in many cases arrogantly instituting unauthoritative decisions that have gone unchallenged by the legislator, in essences re-defining the meaning of the Constitution.

Obama-care is one of the best examples, the Court ignored 19-violations of the Constitution and statutory law, to include intentional fraud in the passage of the Act.

If we wish to protect our rights and freedom nothing is more important than to institute Judicial Reform. We have witnessed over the years judicial despotism due to life-time tenure with no fear of reprisal. Life-time tenure is insanity.

Those in control today have been using our judicial system by appointing political party cronies to bastardize the United States Constitution and concentrate power.

As I write this the Courts and government agencies are claiming that illegal are entitled to a free education as a reward for criminally entering our country. The Courts have previously ruled that those who cross our borders illegally are entitled to public benefits ignoring statutory law and the will of the people.


The Federal Government and the Courts to believe it is legal to take money from those who earn it and reward those who entered our country illegally, ignoring they’ve never contributed a dime into the system. Why, it’s simple to proliferate a voting block to keep one party in control.

One would think judges should be selected based upon their knowledge of the law not a political ideology? One would also conclude that those that violate the Constitution should be removed from office (the bench). But that too has become impossibility since judges have the luxury of policing themselves.

Until judicial reform becomes a reality we the people will have to tolerate the spinning of the wheels of justice by many unelected political stooges. The time to end the political cronyism of; “Elect me and I’ll rule the way the party wants”.

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