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This note is an appeal to my fellow Democrats. If you are a Democrat that nods in agreement to the state run press propaganda, or are cleverly maneuvering the ins and outs of free goods/services from unearned government programs, or the beneficiary of US taxpayer funds for your benefit because of “who you know” please go back to the television. This note is not for you. However, if you are a veteran, a Christian or a religious person, or merely an American citizen cognizant of what the American ideal represents and stands for, please read further.
Did you witness the heavy-handedness of DC elitist towards our veterans during the government shutdown? The internal government driver of that campaign, Sylvia Burwell is being PROMOTED by the Obama administration despite that role, PROMOTED. https://hotair.com/archives/2014/04/15/seven-questions-for-hhs-nominee-sylvia-burwell/ Were you content when an US government federal department dispatched hundreds of paramilitary forces prepared to use deadly force against a simple rancher and his family? Are you aware of the dozens, if not over a hundred lawsuits filed by religious institutions by the government and against the government? Are you comfortable that YOUR government is/was involved in legal action against THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR, a group of nuns who swear an oath of poverty and care for the sick, infirmed and the indigent? http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/01/08/obama-supreme-court-foe-nuns-who-care-for-elderly-poor/
The bureaucrats DEMAND that you subordinate your beliefs to government control. Our paid for in blood Constitution and Bill Of Rights have been turned upside down by Democrats with a wink and a nod from the GOP. Are you aware we are arming Jihadist and Al Qaeda in Syria, http://www.sconews.co.uk/news/32668/horror-of-christian-massacre-in-syria/ the same men who are BEHEADING priests and committing genocide on the Syrian Christian community and in Egypt? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_massacres_in_Egypt Are you aware the serious scandals surrounding the death and abandonment of Americans in Benghazi, the arming of Mexican drug cartels and the utilization of government departments and persons targeting political opponents by the IRS, EPA, Osha, etc.? Do you know our AG Eric Holder has filed numerous lawsuits against OUR OWN STATES? I could go on and on and on and on…………………..
I am not writing this to pinpoint a particular disaster, crime or person. Rather I want to point out to you the vicious hypocritical slander of Tea Party members, conservatives and fellow Americans. It is ongoing with a full court media press. Some hack, lifetime Democratic congressional persons are calling your fellow Americans, jihadists, terrorists and slave owners. Harry Reid called Americans Domestic Terrorists. WW II veteran are Jihadists? Tax paying, law abiding citizens are domestic terrorists? Pro-lifers are slave owners? WHAT? Why? Why is the media in full government control mode and attacking American citizen activists? Here’s why and OUR OWN DEMOCRAT PARTY is fully invested and committed: there is a veiled radical leftist, statist, controlist, authoritarian (whatever you want to call it) effort in play to subjugate our Constitution and rule America by government dictate. The looting of the US Treasury is also in play. The media are invested in this with both feet. Remember the JOURNO-LIST, hundreds of media people conducting conference calls daily to coordinate their media message for the day? It is still exists.
I am a Democrat. You are a Democrat. I do not care whose name is driving this illegal American takeover, but it is ongoing and focused. Sadly, it is spearheaded BY OUR OWN DEMOCRATS aided and abetted by Republicans. Notice it is THE DC ARROGANT, RULING ELITES that are assaulting the decent folks in the Tea Party Movement. All quarters are pouring fire into the Tea Party because we are the wrench in their works for both the corrupt Democrats and lifeless GOP. WE NEED YOU. THE COUNTRY NEEDS YOU.
Let me expound why the Tea Party Movement is actually your friend:
1) We are accused of being racist. But here’s the thing, there are there so MANY Black American LEADERS in the Tea Party Movement. Cain, West, Barelli, Webb, Carson, Love, Scott etc. These folks are not tokens sitting in the corner, THEY ARE LEADERS. So how can a Movement be racist with a full complement of BLACK AMERICAN LEADERS? Answer, IT CAN’T. Any claims otherwise are just deceit & smokescreen and are proof positive of AN ILLICIT LEFTIST INITIATIVE with the full cooperation of a corrupt press.
2) WE want to end SS & Medicare: I have to laugh every time I hear some media shill lamenting this. Flash, many in the Tea Party Movement are older folks AND RECEIVING SS/MEDICARE. They paid into it their entire lives and now are receiving. Would a Movement be clamoring for the cessation of programs that would directly impact their personal lives? NO THEY WOULD NOT. So why are these conspirators barking this deceit and smokescreen? Answer: there is nothing legitimate to demonize the Tea party Movement with so often repeated lies will do…..and again, you can witness the media supporting and pushing this lie and others repeatedly
3) The Tea Party wants to cut all social programs and leave citizens with no food or housing, we are extremist, crazy mean people. WRONG; Here’s why that is wrong: I am sure you can agree that the USA is the most charitable donating nation on earth. WHO DO YOU THINK IS DOING THIS? Not Democrat Bill Clinton (net worth 80 million) http://www.celebritynetworth.com/richest-politicians/presidents/bill-clinton-net-worth/ who donated used underwear and not our fellow Democrats trapped in the inner cities struggling with poverty. It is Tea Party types across America and of course, others. We just resent the government FORCIBLY stealing from citizens because they know better. Then in addition to the arrogance we fund incompetence, fraud and abuse. Remember the GSA scandals? http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/DC-Decoder/Decoder-Buzz/2012/0417/GSA-scandal-Does-agency-have-culture-of-waste-fraud-and-abuse
4) The Tea Party doesn’t care about minority or poor citizens, only leftist Democrats. This is the easiest case to dispute. Want school choice/charter schools to help urban youths get a better education? Extremist left democrats say NO! The Tea Party says YES. Why would racist, cruel folks support those programs? They wouldn’t.
Why would any person object to school choice? Why would any person want to trap youth in terrible, failing schools? Answer: the teachers union told them to. The children be dammed, it’s all about re-election and the need for union money/resources to do that. Yes, I am saying the DEMOCRAT PARTY IS CONSCIOUSLY & MALICIOUSLY holding back inner city youth, mostly minorities to a sub-par education which will haunt them for their entire lifetime. But hey, I got re-elected? Tell me again they care because I do not believe they do.
So fellow Democrats, you can swallow the veneered argument about the Tea Party Movement being all sorts of negative things. You can accept a scripted, negative baseless media CAMPAIGN promoting LEFTIST DEMOCRATS engineering the subjugation of our American ideals, Constitution, liberty and freedom. I for one will not and have been active in the Tea Party Movement AS A DEMOCRAT. In all Tea Party precincts I have been welcomed with open arms. I have spent countless hours with these folks. On a whole, Tea Party folks are decent, law abiding, taxpaying concerned citizens. We are older than the general population but that is because we were EDUCATED, NOT INDOCTRINATED as the extreme leftist dumb down our youth and look at the education system AS EXTREME LEFTIST RECRUITMENT CENTERS .
Democrats, you had better wake up and help this Tea Party Movement because one day you will wake up to a bankrupt, authoritarian America where corrupt, DC elitist are calling the shots and your personal liberty, way of life, your property, all of it will be subordinate to THEIR IDEAS AND WARPED VISION for America………………………………… the GOP cannot fight their way out of a wet paper bag and we cannot rely ON JUST A FEW to struggle for the American way of life. The GOP leadership is joining the chorus of deceit from leftist Democrats and a corrupt press. Why? Dem and GOP cannot agree on anything. BUT THEY AGREE ON THIS? The Tea Party needs your help….the NATION needs your help……..and we need it now.

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