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Let Freedom Ring by Lady Liberty Institute


  •  Welcome to Lady Liberty Institute the core researching foundation of the non profit CTP.com. The core principles of Lady Liberty Institute are to develop curriculums that promote the ideas of free thought- These ideas are the following:
  • Write curriculum that teaches students to think for themselves.
  • Give students the utensils to think for themselves.
  • Lady Liberty Institute seeks to promote “individual ” instruction on the campus to promote self reliance. In promoting individuality, diversity promtotes itself which helps to mitigate the lines between ethnicity, racism, sexism and differences between people. 
  • The main goal of teaching “individual justice ” through eduction is to promote autonomy over the collective. It teaches that the individual has rights that must be respected.
  • By promoting individual justice pedagogy, students can increase their political consciousness, have a sense of self, and help students develop a positive individual-  social and cultural identity.
  • Attention to” individual justice “issues incorporates a broad range of sociological dimensions in teaching, and education more generally, including attention to striving hard and doing you best regardardless of gender, race, class, disability, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Teaching for individual justice has a  goal of preparing teachers to combat inequality in schools and society by promoting and rewarding high acheivers and providing all with the utensils to be the best they can be regardless of race, sex, gender or other identity. 

    Peer Relationships and the Self

  • What Social Justice Advocates fail to consider in peer relationships is the self.  This is the main reason why amongst them it is deemed as a determinant to the outcomes of the schools.  In fact it is so often said,  that class sizes need to be smaller so that the teacher can provide indicual instruction based on all of the students needs. So holds true in promoting positive peer relationships. In understanding yourself in relationship to the group-or peers that a person friends, he will have a healthier social outcome (Finkle). 

    Teacher Relationships in Teaching Individuality

  • The relationships teachers have with students also affect teaching for individual justice. It is important that the teacher have a relationship with the individual/student  and they recognize the different personalities and learning styles.  In this sense, the teacher needs to learn about his or her student and in turn the student reciprocates and gives back to the teacher.   Teaching for “individual” justice focuses on bringing the environment of the individual to life.  The teacher learns to see how the indivual interacts with the environment and adjusts to to the individuals strengths.
  • Teaching  individual students to learn their strengths and weaknesses helps them learn.
  • Where Social Justice Educators Fail, Individual Justice Educators Accomplish
  • ] The purpose of the teacher is to help each student be the best he/she can be  (regardless of race, sex, ethnicity, religion,economic status). Social Justice Educators preach equity in the classroom and in doing so, they deny the high achievers their rightful recognition.  In effect making Social Justice a hypocrisy.  It teaches that if you work hard, everyone including those that didn’t work hard get rewarded because they can’t left out.
  • Individual Justice recognizes this difference.  Through recognizing all of the dfferences, all benefit.

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