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The Growth Of Homeschooling

As a seasoned veteran educator and homeschool parent, I have absolutely no regrets when I decided to homeschool my children several years ago. I have two sons and both of whom were homeschooled to the 7nth grade.

In my younger days, I went to college ( like alot of people)and my first major was social science and a minor was in Business. At the end of my third year I decided to change my major to education. It was at this point I believe I had my first encounter with the left on campus.   My current GPA was 3.5 and I thought I had it made to switch to an education major.  I was told by the Dean at William Paterson, “We have reviewed your transcripts and grades and  you are just not what we are looking for.”  I asked what they look at, and she said everything.   In hindsight and looking back now, I realize she probably read my writings on Marxism in my sociology courses. If this were to happen today, FIRE would have been notified to investigate.

At this time, I was 22 and was already substituting. I subbed in Pequannock and Paterson-with getting called on a daily basis in Paterson.  My first long term sub job was in Paterson School 4 as a gym teacher. School 4 is located in the projects. One might ask, “how is a white 22 year old suburban girl going to survive here?  Well,  I did.  Not by applying any principles of collectivity but by treating each student as an individual.  I spent many hours with them after school without pay and was  like their mother. Each one was treated as an individual.

To get certified, I applied for the “Alternate Route ” and wound up back at William Paterson anyway for the night course that went with it and was a certified teacher within a year with a job in Paterson School 5.    I also earned enough credits to complete a Masters. As i recognized through the years, that the priciples of collectivity which was being promoted had downfalls in the class room.  One of these principles is “inclusion.”  Inclusion is the lefts way of promoting social justice in the classroom for all.  Those who are considered “needy” had the right to attend the regular class. However, this divided the teachers attention.  Those who were needy couldn’t get enough of the teachers attention and those who were not needy also couldn’t get enough attention to excel. So, the teachers time was spent  mostly on applying methods to control the class.

Rather than fixing the issues within the classroom such as removing inclusion, many  urban districts were being taken over by the state .  The state thought they can do a better job in educating the local urban population than the locals.  Objectives for the curriculum were being written by the state.  I recall having teacher meetings and discussing what the kids were going to learn without the parents there.   Objectives and goals were developed and each teacher had to do his or hers best no matter who they had in their class.

Further, as a teacher, you got to know the curriculums and how they operate.  There are lobbyist groups
(Planned Parent, Transformative studies are a few) that lobby both the legislators and curriculum makers themselves as to what to teach?  Well Planned Parenthood makes money on abortions.  They have to survive.  And the Transformative Studies Institute is Communists-and they have to survive also.  Groups like this pride themselves on rewriting history.

So, if I enjoyed teaching in public schools, what made me decide to homeschool?


I pretty much said “hell no! I am not putting my children in there.” I view children as a budding flower that need to be taught skills so they can think their own way. There are many different kinds of flowers and so the same for children.  We are diverse, and unique right from the get go.  Therfore the concept of collectivity by design is faulty.

Over the years and as the government established the department of education, they took the control of the curriculum and what is taught out of the hands of the parent and placed it in their hands. As a teacher as mentioned before, we were always having curriculum meetings and deciding what and how to teach the children.  I asked myself, “Where were the parents at this meeting?”  The parents were not at all involved in the decision making process of what was taught their children.

In the early 90’s , state objectives were written and teachers had to comply.  An example would be objective 10.2, teach critical thinking skills to tenth graders.  Lay your procedure out and what materials used and how to execute it.  So, if a teacher taught a book written by a liberal progressive with one point of view, nobody checked it.  Now, in 2013, America is facing a serious problem of a whole generation being brainwashed into accepting this form of “collectiveness.”

As a homeschool mom, for the first time I have the power to choose what is right for my kids.  I as a parent know them best and how they learn.  There are a wide variety of options as far as curriculum to choose from.  And, a typical day of homeschool would not necessarily mean that the kids are at home.  It is by far that.

A typical day might be where we would co-op ith other parents and one would teach science, the other art, a third English and so on.  We might be on a field trip one day or at the local supermarket teaching responsible shopping or taking a home ec class there.  Our kids might be simulcasting on the internet with a group of kids from China!!! Not to mention you can include God in your curriculum!  Oh yes, that GOD word!

The average cost per year to homeschool is about $500.00 to $1000.00.  The average cost to educate a public school child is about $8000.00 (only get get a full days dose of collectiveness). The homeschoolers have outpaced their public school peers by being at least a year ahead.

Due to the net, the resources for homeschoolers have increased over the years and so has their numbers.  There is homeschool bowling, art, home ec, shop (Home Depot) an many field trips and groups to get involved with.  If you can home school and give up a little-do it!  If I had the chance to do it again-absolutey!   Did it pay off?  Absolutley!  We are proud of our kids and what they got on their SAT scores and where they are now.  Listen to radio broadcast here:









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