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Walk the Walk with MSU Students

Stand and Walk the Walk With MSU

  Listen live tonite on Blog Talk Radio the case of Joseph Aziz. Click here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/youth-for-independence/2013/03/06/stand-with-msu-and-walk-the-walk Aziz was expelled from Montclair State University for a month because of comment he wrote on a facebook page that he thought was private.

  • Incident started at a Steve Lonegan a racist (unwarrented)
  • Video was placed on youtube in which our students defended him.  However a heated discussion took place
  • Aziz posted in what he though was private group on facebook but the college saw his comments (comments were like calling someone fat).
  • College reviewed his case and suspended him-they did not suspend the fellow who called Lonegan a racist. Video on youtube was removed -students had wanted to expose the name of the felllow who called Lonegan a racist
  • FIRE was consulted and AZIZ reinstated.



Time:8pm   Location:  Student Center Room 404 1Normal Ave Montclair NJ    Speakers:  Joseph Aziz,  a representative from Steve onegans group, and Peter Bonilla Associate Director of Individual Rights Program  from FIRE.

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