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Big Brother is Watching You

Tomorrow nights radio show will will discuss the issue of Big Brother and how he is watching you.  The video below is taken by our very own Doreen Finkle.  It was taken on Route 46 e Denville, NJ right past the Wendy’s.  Now most of us get the fact that driving while using a hand held is illegal but look at the second part of the message.  It says, “We are watching you.”  What exactly is that supposed to mean?  Is our government really watching us?  Are they really using infra red devices or satellites to peak in our car to see if we are using a cellphone?  Suppose you have a hands free system, are they monitoring everything you say?  Can they still pull you over even though you are speaking using a hands free system?

Where are the rights of the private individual here?  Join us for a live discussion tomorrow nite 9pm on the radio at 646-915-8117


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