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We are a 501c3 non profit organization designed to spread conservative values on campus. Your contributions are tax deductible. To donate by mail send contributions to Students For A Better Future.Com P.O. Box 436 Mount Tabor, NJ 07878-0436


About Tuesday Nights Radio Show

Tonights radio show is about the founder of Campusteaparties.com Doreen Finkle.  She has a MA in Education  at Montclair State University and one of the only declared registered Republicans in that field.  On tonites show, she will discuss Communism that has invaded the field and steps needed to counter it.  Campusteaparties.com is is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational think tank based in the United States.  It was created to provide educational research and space to promote liberty for all  in academia.  Campusteaparties is fully a volunteer operation that enlists parents, educators, and people around the nation who want to promote “liberty” using the educational system.

Campusteaparties.com was founded in 2010 by  Doreen and Doug Finkle.  Doreen is an educator herself, has taught in the public school system herself and holds an education degree from Montclair State University.

At the central core of the project is to enlist as many educators as possible, recruit students on campus and use education as a means to;

  • promote freedom for all
  • teach the “self” is important
  • stress values, hard work
  • teach entrepenuerial  skills
  • focus on the Constitution
  • focus on the family
  • Teach history the way it was and of the times rather than teaching from todays point of view


Campusteaparties applies the principles of “autonomy”  in learning to improve society and obtain one that focuses on self reliance.  We are anti-communist, anti-fascist, anti-dictatorship that counter balances the Communists lead institutions in Higher Education particularly the “Transformative Studies Institute.”  Campusteaparties is opposed to the “publicization” of institutions primarily the public schools and places emphasis on “school choice,” for parents.  We seek to promote “self reliance” through direct democracy in politics and the economy.  To achieve self reliance and a individualism in education we believe that this is done through faith based programs, as mentioned earlier, school choice, and courses focused on entrepenuerial skills.

To date, we operate a radio station http://www.blogtalkradio.com/youth-for-independence To date, we use special speakers that speak of these topics.

CTP belives that this is achievable primarily through Self Reliance education, based on an autonomous pedagogy, than through direct action alone.   To this end, it is the long term goa of CTP to create a balance of ideas at the higher education level and so that these institutions can expose students to all philosophies of life.

To listen to the show on radio tune in tuesday night 9pm here.  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/youth-for-independence/2013/01/16/one-in-a-million




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