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Where and How Do We Start Fighting Communism in Education?

Society Of Statesmen White Paper

Authored by

Dr Joe Arminio

Dean of Faculty
Society Of Statesmen
www.sos1776.org <http://www.sos1776.org/> 

Copyright © November 7, 2012

This White Paper is for informational purposes only and 
is not to be considered legal advice.

Executive Summary

Is Higher Education, especially Christian schools, at serious risk from within?
Specifically, is the Great Books Program of Mortimer Adler, which in whole or part
is commonly found in Classical Christian Schools, the Home School Movement, Colleges
and even secular “Executive Seminars” for adults—indeed a commonplace in Higher
Education— integral to the largest scheme of indoctrination that the world has seen?
Although there is nothing wrong with using the “Great Books” of Western
Civilization, per se, the twin grim questions must be posed: Did Adler and others
use them to advance “slow-paced” Communism? And have his successors continued to use
them for the same purpose? 

Important evidence pertaining to these several questions is very disquieting.
Another question must arise: How much damage may, so far, have been inflicted on the
American elite and people, especially on Christian education? Again there is
distressing evidence, but if, indeed, damage has been done, it may not yet be that
extensive, especially where Christian education is concerned: Christian schools have
only relatively recently been exposed to “education” of the Adler type. 

For all that, precautions regarding the use of the Great Books ought to be taken and
Christian educators ought to warn students and parents alike of the potential danger
of Adler. 

In 1948, Adler co-authored Preliminary Draft For A World Constitution--a blueprint
for a world government. Its language is similar to that of Marx. In Adler’s book
Haves Without Have-Nots, published in 1991, p. 251, he envisions and welcomes the
emergence of the “USDR (union of socialist democratic republics)” as the
“penultimate stage” toward world government. In this book of 1991, he looks back
fondly upon and includes the aforementioned Preliminary Draft. 

Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin promoted fast-paced Communism or the violent overthrow
of Capitalism and establishment of the “dictatorship of the proletarian” in short
order. Eduard Bernstein believed that it would be better to work from within
Capitalism, to work slowly and via cunning persuasion, to attain the Marxist
paradise. Major evidence makes one wonder if Adler and his colleagues pursued
Bernstein’s approach. Several “education” centers, which Adler directed or where he
worked until his death in 2001, and imitators too, have over the course of about 60
years evidently brought thousands and thousands of elite from every walk of life,
including those in Higher Education, into contact with the “Great Books,” and, on
account of the evidence as a whole, the question urgently arises, Did this contact
amount to a grave misuse of the Great Books? Worse, did and does such misuse inform
major breeding grounds of Communism in the United States?

How did Adler find his way into, of all places, Christian education? For one thing,
Adler, riding a wave of fawning press coverage, had become mainstream long before
the Classical Christian Movement got its start and no Christian educators or
virtually none in recent times took the time to research his credentials. For
another thing, he was an avowed “Aristotelian-Thomist,”--a declared student of St
Thomas Aquinas--, and, as such, one of the very few modern educators to whom
Christian teachers could turn for insight into the revival of the medieval trivium
and quadrivium. 

It is hardly enough that Christian schools ought to warn their students that the
“Great Books” can be misused and has its limitations. An adjustment in Christian
education is badly needed to combat the growth of slow-paced Communism in society as
a whole. The immense investments being made in our childrens’ educations could be at
risk. What Christian parent wants to subsidize the possible emergence of a pagan
indoctrinated citizen?

Let us take courage, too. Christian K-12 schools and colleges are, on the whole,
sound. It is not necessary to start from scratch and judicious adjustments will
surely suffice. The main body of this White Paper, a total of 25 pages, contains
extensive further proof of the Adler situation and suggests inexpensive but highly
effective actions to take.


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