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Kahlil Abdulhnar of MSU Tells Doreen What it is Like to Live Under a Syrian Dictatorship

December 29, 2102

Imagine what it is like living under a dictatorship-especially one like the Al-Assad Dynasty of Syria.  Kahlil has lived in part under both Hafez and Bashar.  He has immigrated to the USA when he was ten years old because his dad thought he could make a better life over here.  Kahlil is still here studying at Montclair State University and is a Libertarian.  His father however, has moved back.  Why?

According to Kahlil, Americans here have become like slaves.  Slaves to paying taxes to our government.  As close to 40 percent of his own salary (Kahlil’s) goes to the government to pay taxes.  The father wanted to open a business.  But when he found out all of the permits needed, it wasn’t worth it because it cut into his profit.   In Syria, they do not have income taxes.



With regards to healthcare, Syria has a pay as you go system.  There is no insurance.   There are also many doctors there and they are good.  Kahlil has gone on to say that and like many teapartiers, it is unlawful to force someone to pay for something.  The  American Government is an oppressor to it’s citicizens.  In Syria,there is no tax_no income tax.

Economically, Syria has opened its doors to investors and under the Assaad Dynasty, they have pushed for a private market.  They have many of the same businesses we have here in America.

As for the American media and education , both the left and the right don’t tell the truth and the education system dumb the student down to what is going on.   The USA has  to offer school choice for the k-12 system because the education sytem is not good.  When Kahlil came to MSU, he recognized the communism right away when he discovered the SDS-Students of Democratic Society on campus.  He as been guiding the Libertarian group.

For a student to make here in the USA, it is very difficult especially now.  The banks aren’t lending, and you need alot of credit to buy a house and have a family.  Then on top, you have to pay property tax.  In Syria, most people buy a house from the government and pay cash.

The biggest thing with the Syrian government is that you can’t speak out against them.    Then they will “Quell” you.  Here, you can speak out against the government.  You can get by in Syria just fine if you don’t speak out.

The Muslim Brotherhood is trying to establish a caliphate in the middle east, and they are the governments biggest enemy.  They have caused uprising by staging terrorist attacks in Hama in 1964, 1981, and today.  In order to quell the violence, the Syrian government has carpet bombed in the Brotherhood stronghold Hama which has led to the killing of some innocents.












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