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Campusteaparty Founder and Teaparty Student Recruiter to Get Own Show

Campusteaparty founder and teaparty student Recruiter Doreen A. Finkle to get own TV show to pilot January 19nth at 9pm on Channels 20 and 37 in Morris County.  The show is called the Conservative Action Network  and will focus on conservative students and professors on campus.

The project focuses on the lives of the teaparty student recruiter, students, and professors who do not share what the main stream college professors do.  It gives you a full picture from the perspective  Education major Doreen Finkle who is a certified teacher in Elementary, Special Ed and Music.  Viewers will see as Ms. Finkle gives a full analysis of studying from professors in her field who are mainly Socialists or Communists.  Ms. Finkle is the owner of the 501c3 non profit Campusteaparties.com a major hub for the recruitment of teaparty/conservative students and a foundation that raisies money for them.  The group is poised to handout many internships and is set to focus on writing an educational curriculum that focuses on teaching the constitution and autonomy.  The show is centered on all campuses but particularly campuses in NJ since it is the homebase of Campusteaparties.com




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