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We are a 501c3 non profit organization designed to spread conservative values on campus. Your contributions are tax deductible. To donate by mail send contributions to Students For A Better Future.Com P.O. Box 436 Mount Tabor, NJ 07878-0436



The time has come in which we as a nation have turned the corner from a maker to a taker country.

We can no longer correct this. Our thugged elected officials have taken taxpayer money and have given bail out after after bailout to just about every corporation except for the taxpayer.

We know owe 16.2 trillion dollars. As a leader of this group, and to the 1500 teaparty students nationwide, this country is no longer good enough for you. After all, what country borrows that much money against its youth like that?

At this point, as students you should consider a global career in which you can take around the world. Campusteaparties.com has internships available just email Doreen at dor123abc@yahoo.com. Also, as students, while we can’t tell you how to think or what to do but we suggest you stick with like minded students and locate yourself to an area that consists of like minded people.
We also encourage you to become involved in your local politics to keep the politicians on their toes.


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