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An interview with the biggest spy of all, the internet.

Finkle: Hello Mr. internet are you ready for your interview today?

Internet: I sure am because anything you write about me or use me to write something else will be posted all over the WORLD WIDE WEB.

Finkle: You mean anything?

Internet: Anything and everything! Even if you are having what you humans call a private conversation at a dinner table and one person gets angry with you he or she can post the conversation on me and then it would be PUBLIC-ALL OVER THE WORLD WIDE WEB! You ex husband can write “stuff” about you on any social media network and spread it around to THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS people! They in turn can also spread it! By the time everyone spreads it you will be a beast!
OOPS, I forgot, your employer will see it the next day and fire you. Then, what are you going to do about your family?

Finkle: Ok, Mr. internet, I get your point! You just want to destroy people. You want to blur the lines between privacy and free speech is that it?

Internet: I don’t want to do anything it is you humans. By the way, now not only employers are searching through everyone’s activity on the net, so are campuses.
Finkle: Campuses?
Internet: Yep, if that son of yours puts up pictures from when he parties and they are questionable, then campuses will not admit him.
Furthermore, if he admits he is a conservative on his facebook page then he surely won’t be admitted. You got it Finkle, I need to spy on everyone.

Finkle: Why don’t you mind your own business?
Internet: Because I designed in such a way to be public. I mean public everywhere. And, I can track you. My wonderful search engine “google” keeps tabs on you. Just google anyone’s name. It sort of like “GOD.”

Finkle: God?
Internet: Yep, God knows everything you do, say, and think. So if you write one nasty thing on facebook amist all of the good things you have said, I will remember that! I will keep it in my memory FOREVER! That is even if you take it down. I will throw it into a dump site and others will copy and share it with their friends who will share it with their friends and so on. Someone who hates you or doesn’t agree with you will pass it around a lot faster.

Finkle: So they will bully me?
Internet: Yup! 100 percent bullying! So far I have ruined countless reputations, destroyed thousands of lives and even lead to some deaths.

Finkle: So you are a murderer?
Internet: Yup. Too many of you humans have used me to post your thoughts about people who you can’t stand.
Finkle: What do you mean?
Internet: A jilted lover who wants revenge will use me to write nasty things about the one who jilted him or her. Thus completely destroying their lives. A group can organize against a whole government they don’t like and start a war.
Finkle: A war? Yup, like to uprising in Egypt. Lives were lost over this
Internet: Further, a con artist uses me to scheme his victims by posting false information. Anyone can post false information about anyone on me.
Guess what?
Finkle: What?
Internet: All of this stays on me fffffoooooorrrrreeeeevvvvveeeeerrrrr! To get it off isn’t easy. You will have to pay thousands of dollars to an online reputation defender for them to pull my spiders out of my bots or in some cases just have information pushed down. You get it Mrs. Finkle?
Finkle: You are a reputation destroyer!!!
Internet: Yup! Everyones!
Finkle: Perhaps I can destroy your reputation by teaching everyone how to use you? You can also be reputation maker.
Internet: Well, I guess so.
Finkle: If everyone was taught to use you responsibly –or not use you at all then you would change
Internet: Absolutely. Remember anything you say on the internet is public. Anything someone else says on the internet is public. You as a person do not put anything up you don’t want the public to see. And, if you are in a private conversation like sitting around a dinner table, sharing your thoughts and someone else puts them up on a blog, first ask the site or sites to remove them. Then contact an internet defamation attorney. Nine times out of ten the site owner and whoever he shared to the info will remove what they have said about you. While we respect the right of free speech, it doesn’t come without responsibility. Reeming a person out indefinetly is inhuman and can lead to serious consequences on that persons life physically and mentally by destroying their reputation. It takes away a persons ability to be human and to forgive one another. Remember, it is you the humans that control me
Finkle: That is what I need you the internet to teach our youngsters and all those who use you.

Internet: By the way Finkle, this article will be live on the “World Wide Web.”

Yours truly,

D. Finkle

This is the internet. Use it, but don’t abuse it!

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    You are so right. We better watch out what we say.

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