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Big Brother Hovers Over Chicago by Dale Brave

In a repeat of events occurring three months ago in L.A., 3 Black Military Choppers flew through the Buildings in Chicago. This could be considered an urban training exercise like the ones performed before 9/11.
Witnesses reported 3 Black Choppers, along with several smaller A/MH-6 Little Bird helicopters. There is also plenty of video footage all over the web for anyone’s viewing pleasure.
Witnesses described seeing three or four military personnel hanging out of each of the helicopters brandishing automatic weapons.
So what does all of this mean? Why are they training our troops for combat in our back yard? The middle east does not have the same conditions, and building structures as we do. This could be a training of the military to disarm our citizens once they figure out how to take away our 2nd Amendment.
The Amendment is in place to fight against the exact behavior that the government has displayed.
Currently there are 8 million Americans on the no fly list. Most of them are children and people with common names that have nothing to do with terror. At a current speaking engagement, Rahm Emanuel told the crowd of listeners that the people on the no fly list should not be allowed to their 2nd Amendment right. Also saying that they are all not a part of the American family.
The left wing is trying to destroy the Constitution every chance they get. Some of our youth believe that we are now smarter then our founders, and should have the complete Constitution rewritten. That is how far they are reaching to destroy our Republic.
So with seeing these choppers, it is a reminder that the Government is always watching you, and trying to tear apart the Constitution. They are trying to scare everyone into submission, so in this way making us forfeit our liberties and rights.
Always remember that it is the people who should be telling the government what we want and need. The Government works for us and should feel the pressure of our watchful eyes. Never anything less than that.

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