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April 22nd, Ron Paul to Host Rally at Independence Mall Event is Free

Presidential Candidate Ron Paul will host a rally on the Independence Center’s lawn, located at the Independence Mall in Philadelphia, PA, on April 22nd.

The event starts at 1:00 PM and will feature musical acts, including singer Jordan Page. Former CIA officer and Bin Laden Unit leader Michael Scheuer will also address the crowd.

Around 2:30 PM, Ron Paul will talk about his Plan to Restore America and his agenda as President.

Please bring your friends and family and celebrate an afternoon of Freedom on the Independence Mall in Philly! Cameras are welcome, and you can dress as comfortably as you like.

Click here for a Google map.

Come out and show your support for Ron Paul’s message of peace, prosperity, and individual liberty! And bring any undecided voters you know with you, too!

Click here to Register

For Carpool contact Dale Brave at dalebrave @gmail.com

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