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Why am I so driven into the Tea Party Lifestyle?

For the past 80 years, we have been asleep at the wheel and told what to think, along with how to think. We have been passing those ways down through our generations in the American dream. We have focused more on things that don’t matter. We are trying to be better than everyone else instead of coming together as a community. I am sorry to break it to you, but the Republicans, and Democrats both are the same. They work for the same groups. Santa doesn’t exist either.
Now the American dream has turned into a nightmare.Our masses are still stuck in the same mindset of thought process. We have been told that Iran is our new boogie man, and they should be feared. Along with that, they want us to give up more of our liberties and freedoms. This doesn’t seem like the America that I am told exists. We pour Trillions of borrowed dollars into our defense. Why should we fear any countries?
But, wait, we still have a chance to have this Republic back! It is all inside of the Constitution. We need to instill this document into all students across the nation. We need to start teaching this document starting in grade school.
Our founders knew that there would be a day, and a group, that would try and unravel this document and our freedoms. This time has come. The Tea Party has begun to get our basics back. Minimize government, secure the borders, and lower taxes. We have tried to get our citizens back into understanding our Republic and its criteria. I am a believer in the Constitution as well as the opportunity of getting our country away from this tyrannical opposition.
So I am driven just by knowing that we have a chance to get our Republic back in order. We need the public to understand the rights of everyone. People are getting the bad view of the Tea Party. The people who scream and make themselves look like idiots are being placed by the other parties. Let’s all focus on regrouping, and finding the best way of overcoming our fears, along with the up and coming currency crisis. .
We still have the Constitution, so we still have a chance!

Dale Brave
201-921-2723 cell

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