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The Greatest Trick Bestowed on the American People

The sabers are rattling once again between Iran and America. Why do we not learn from the past? How do we keep getting deeper into this hole of debt and war?
It seems as Obama is allowing gas prices to rise, and problems with Iran escalate. He wants the problems to stick until election times roll around. Keep in mind that during every war, there has never been a President to lose re-election. He is banking on this, along with lowering prices at the pump, and more false promises. His abuse toward the Constitution has never before been seen this bad in our countries history.
There is a huge gap of voters that will be showing up to the polls this November. It is not just one group that has gotten us to the pit we’re experiencing. We need something new. We need to take a breath of fresh air and take a different look at the situation.
It is time to listen to the youth. They go wild whenever Ron Paul makes an appearance. Yet, The Seniors and Baby boomers keep voting the same fashion. So how can they expect different results? For years, most Americans follow the media that is usually from government control. We need to find alternative routes of media reporting to find out what is really happening. We all have a feeling that something is terribly going wrong. but what are we going to do about it?
Obama has executed crimes of war, yet no one has raised attention to that. I think the Nation needs a sit down with the Constitution. You may be surprised how many Liberties have been taken away due to the Patriot Act. How many years will they have us looking behind every corner for a terrorist? How long will they keep this boogieman story going?

Right now that boogieman is an Iranian Nuclear scientist. The United States Government is saying that Iran is basically capable of making the bomb in the next few months. They are also trying to use the problems with Iran for high gas prices. We get our oil majority from Saudi Arabia, so, the gas hike has nothing to do with Iran. The United Kingdom gets most of their oil from there. They have massive gas rates because of the current situation, and faulty news reports.
All of the mass media affects the middle to lower classes. There is never a time when the politician’s children go to fight in our wars overseas. They have no problem sending others into battle. They vote in the Obama Health Care Bill without reading it, and wouldn’t trade in theirs for it. Apparently they didn’t see the part that says by March 23, 2012, all Americans would have to have an RFID chip installed in their hands.
The students are aware of the technology that is, and will be used against us. Our Liberties are slowly being taken away while the Country watches sports and reality shows about nothing. Have we been dumbed down that much? Why is the mass media so against Ron Paul? What is wrong with the way he votes? What is so wrong about bringing home the troops right away?
We let Obama put in Czars! What is wrong with the Congress? What is wrong with the American public? Both have a huge imagination when it comes to the Constitution, as well as our form of Government. All we can do is wait and hope that Americans can find the knowledge needed to stop the Obama Nation. We still have time to warn our friends, neighbors, and family members! Find a Tea Party Organization near you as soon as you can!
What is unfolding in Iran, China and Russia is a massive trick to lead us into war. We need to stand up and say enough is enough. Here at Campus Tea Parties, we are willing to stand against tyranny. Will you be ready when the time comes?


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